Bucket Load of Spill Kits

Bucket Load of Spill Kits
May 01

When asked by a new customer if we could solve their problem of a small weatherproof spill kit, the spill kit buckets were the perfect solution.  Supplied in robust buckets with snap close lids.  

The customer liked them so much they bought a bucketload!!  

Our spill kit buckets are available in two sizes: 30 and 50 litres and in all three versions: Oil (Oil Spill Kit Bucket 30 litre, Oil Spill Kit Bucket 50 litre), Chemical (30 Litre Chemical Spill Kit Bucket50 Litre Chemical Spill Kit Bucket) & Maintenance (Maintenance Spill Kit Bucket, 50 Litre Chemical Spill Kit Bucket).



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