Fastank Portable Bunds

A multi purpose portable secondary containment system to catch fuel or chemical spills.

Meets environmental legislation — ISO 14000

Portable Spill Containment Bunds


  • Bunding for mobile plant & generators
  • Catches fuel and chemical spills or drips
  • Portable decontamination pool
  • Bunding of oil tanks & drums
  • Effluent, sewerage & waste liquid catchment
  • Protects the environment from accidental spills
  • Temporary liquid storage
  • Vehicle & equipment washdown


  • Helps your business comply with environmental & safety regulations
  • Tool free assembly in minutes with no training required
  • Possible to resite quickly
  • Maintenance free corrosion resistant materials
  • Sump area easily cleaned after use
  • Cost effective solution for environmental protection


  • Drive in by lowering end wall
  • Small packaged weight & volume
  • High level of chemical resistance
  • Aluminium supports ensure upright walls
  • Designed for internal or external use
  • Smooth profile facilitates easy cleaning