Oil Water Separator Guide | Oil Spill Products Limited
Nov 20

OIL WATER SEPARATOR THEORY Coalescing Oil Water Separators: Coalescing Oil Water Separators are passive, physical separation systems designed for removal of oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, LNAPL and DNAPL products from water. Oil Spill Products Separators designed performance can be described by a combination of Stokes Law and current coalescing plate theory, wherein, the oil droplet rise rate and other parameters dictate the surface area required for gravity & coalescent separation. Separation Process: The water/oil mixture enters the separator and is spread out horizontally, distributed through an energy and turbulence diffusing device. The mixture enters the Flopak media where laminar and sinusoidal flow...

Oil Spill Products | Oil and Chemical absorbents
Oct 12

Absorbents or Sorbents are a variety of materials used to soak up and remove oils and chemicals.  Three types of absorbent exist; Organic absorbents Organic absorbents are generally considered to be the kindest to the earth and are manufactured from sustainable sources such as cellulose, sawdust, wood, straw, coir etc. Some organic absorbents can be by-products from industry such as saw dust.  Whilst these absorbents have good absorption properties, they are usually in loose lightweight form which tends to be a problem outdoors due to the effects of wind.  Organic absorbents unless treated will also absorb water.  One of the...

Bucket Load of Spill Kits
May 01

When asked by a new customer if we could solve their problem of a small weatherproof spill kit, the spill kit buckets were the perfect solution.  Supplied in robust buckets with snap close lids.   The customer liked them so much they bought a bucketload!!   Our spill kit buckets are available in two sizes: 30 and 50 litres and in all three versions: Oil (Oil Spill Kit Bucket 30 litre, Oil Spill Kit Bucket 50 litre), Chemical (30 Litre Chemical Spill Kit Bucket, 50 Litre Chemical Spill Kit Bucket) & Maintenance (Maintenance Spill Kit Bucket, 50 Litre Chemical Spill Kit...

Inflatable Oil Spill Containment Booms
Apr 19

Inflatable oil spill containment booms can be quickly deployed to contain pollution spills and prevent debris from entering a specific area. Manufactured from extra heavy duty 900 gsm PVC or polyurethane coated fabrics gives the option of a temporary or permanent containment barrier. Manufactured with strong HF welded seams, the air chamber is fitted with a high quality valve. Ballast chain along the length of the boom provides tension strength and universal slide connectors enable multiple booms to be joined rapidly without the need for tools. We also have a range of solid floatation booms and fence booms.

Duckweed control and removal from ponds
Apr 19

Skimmer solves problem of removing troublesome duckweed from the surface of ponds, lakes, canals and moats. Duckweed causes numerous problems which include threat to life such as fish, this is caused by the duckweed covering the entire surface of a pond preventing light getting to the indigenous pond plants, causing them to die and therefore removing the vital oxygen needed for the fish to survive. Check out our You Tube channel to see how we can remove this troublesome problem without the need to use chemicals which could also kill any other plant life.   We have also developed a...

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