Mycelx Filter Cartridges

Instantly Remove Oil from Water

MYCELX in-line filter products are engineered to remove hydrocarbons, ranging from oil to gasoline sheen, out of water in a single pass.

MYCELX instantly solubilizes the hydrocarbon compounds and bonds them to its surface, keeping them from separating, emulsifying and releasing.

Mycelx oil water separation filters

MYCELX removes oily sheen, synthetic and natural oils, BTEX, PCB's, Solvents and organically bound metal.

The pressure differential accross a saturated Mycelx cartridge is less than 1 psi.

MYCELX filter cartridges are compatible with industry standard filter housings.

Single & Multi cartridge systems available.

Typical Mycelx Applications

  • Process / Produced water treatment
  • Filtration of hydrocarbons from compressor condensate
  • Protection of membranes from hydrocarbon fouling
  • Process water recycling and re-use applications
  • Protection of ion exchange resins from hydrocarbon fouling
  • Marine oil bilge water filtration
  • Polishing water on oil water separator effluent discharge
  • Run off waters from forcourts, carparks and roads