Oil Skimmers

Floating Weir Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmers from Oil Spill Products Limited are manufactured entirely from tough corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel and are a designed to remove oil, effluent etc. from the surface of water.

  WOS Weir Oil Skimmer
Osprey150 Mini Weir Oil Skimmer Osprey200 WOS Weir Oil Skimmer  Osprey400 Jumbo Weir Oil Skimmer


The floating weir oil skimmers can be used for permanent installations at industrial facilities or be used in an emergency oil spill clean up situation.

The oil skimmer is fitted with an adjustable central intake weir which will deal efficiently with thin or thick layers of oil or surface media.  Most commonly used with a self priming pump which is connected to the oil skimmer via a flexible hose, the skimmer can also be used under gravity flow where the hose outlet is below the skimmer such as tank installations.

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